Connectivity Study cover image with link to study

In 2017, the City of Mayfield Heights applied for and was awarded a TLCI grant from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA). The grant made possible a comprehensive, city-wide study to identify long-term objectives for community connectivity. City Council approved the plan in June 2019.

Intersection Safety Improvements cover with link to plan

A TLCI implementation grant was awarded in 2019, for intersection safety improvements at SOM/Mayfield, Gates Mills Boulevard Circle, and Commonwealth/Chelmsford. 

Marsol Road Underpass Pedestrian Improvements cover with link to plan

Marsol Road underpass improvements have been completed and include narrowing the distance from the columns to the roadway on the south side to allow for the installation of an 8' wide multi-use trail on the north side of the underpass. The project was completed in April 2021. Lighting will be installed this Summer. 

Gates Mills Boulevard Connector cover with link to plan

This grant will help fund a three-quarter-mile, multi-use asphalt trail through the median of Gates Mills Blvd. Project highlights include pedestrian lighting, stormwater improvements, pull-off parking, landscaping improvements, benches, and water fountains.