Animal Control

The Mission of the  City of Mayfield Heights Animal Warden is to serve the residents by providing care, control, and resolution. The Animal Wardens responsibilities include investigating animal complaints, enforcing laws and ordinances, and providing care to the animals in their custody. 

Lost and Found Animals
  • As soon as you discover your pet is missing, contact Animal Control at (440)442-2626 ext. 277. Give a detailed description of your pet including its name, breed, and color. Also include the date and time it went missing, the address, and a phone number. 
  • If you find or see a loose pet, contact Animal Control as soon as possible. Please provide a detailed description of where the pet was last seen and the direction of travel. 
Animal Adoption
  • Many cats and dogs come through our system every year. Most are lost and found and returned to there owners while some are not and placed up for adoption. Our goal is to provide each animal with an appropriate home in which it is cared for and well taken care of. To adopt an animal, you must provide a valid photo ID, be 18 years of age or older, and bring proof of current address. We also reserve the right to deny any adoptions in order to find the most appropriate home possible. If your at all interested, please contact Animal Control at (440)442-2626 ext. 277 to schedule an appointment.