The Mayfield Village, Mayfield Heights, Gates Mills, and Highland Heights, Mass Inoculation Point of Dispensing (MIPOD) team is seeking volunteers ages 16 and older, or 12 - 15 with parent volunteer, to staff a clinic in the event of a public health emergency.

About the Clinic
This clinic would be activated if medication or vaccinations would need to be administered to the public. Volunteers are needed with or without a medical background. Nonmedical volunteers would assist with paperwork, data entry, bus monitoring, escorting, kitchen help, and other various tasks, while, persons with medical backgrounds are needed to vaccinate, dispense medication, evaluate patients, staff the sick room, and other assignments.
The best part about volunteering in the MIPOD program is the minimal time commitment, unless we activate. Other than a couple of meetings during the year, and our annual drill, we only request you to keep your information current with us.

Becoming a Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a MIPOD volunteer, please click here MIPOD Volunteer Registration.  If you have any questions about MIPOD contact Jennifer Schultz at the Mayfield Village Fire Department 440-461-1208.

Thank you for volunteering!