Tax Information

Property Tax

This tax is administered and collected by Cuyahoga County. By clicking on the link for the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer you will be able to obtain information on the assessed valuation of your property, how to pay your property taxes, set up a payment program and find the answer to any other tax questions you might have or how to obtain forms that relate to property taxes, estate taxes, etc. Specific details can also be obtained for eligibility for the Homestead Exemption Program.

Admissions Tax

The city levies a 5% admissions tax upon every person who pays an admissions charge. Click here for complete information.

Income Tax

The city's income tax rate is 1%. The Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) collects the tax for the city. Click here for complete information. Or you may go directly to the R.I.T.A. website to also access forms and other information.

Transient Guest Tax

There is a 3% tax levied upon every person who is a guest in a hotel in the city. Click here for complete information.

Motor Vehicle Tax

There is a $5 annual tax per motor vehicle registered in the city. This tax helps the city pay for road improvements. Click here for complete information.