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Chapter 6: Focus Areas

As a built-out community, the City of Mayfield Heights has very little vacant land left for development. The City has recently approved a project to construct town homes on the last major vacant parcel in the community— an 18-acre site to the north of the Mayfield Middle School on SOM Center Road. Any development that is supported by the City at this point should be fully consistent with the community’s objectives as reflected in this Master Plan as well as compatible with the adjacent land uses.

There are a number of key areas in the City where redevelopment of existing land is possible, and even desirable, to provide greater benefit to the community—whether for public use or private development—by reusing land that is currently underutilized or available. Three areas in the community have been have been selected for special study as part of this master planning effort in an effort to present the community with redevelopment options.

Focus Area—Mayland Site

The Mayland site was selected for special study, as it remains a large parcel in the heart of community that is currently underutilized and outdated. The site, actually an arrangement of seven strip shopping buildings, was repeatedly cited by community representatives as a location that reflected poorly on the community and should be targeted for redevelopment.

With the recent addition of several new big-box retail stores, including the Costco, Best Buy and Wal-Mart, and the addition of the large-scale retailers expected at the Eastgate Shopping Center, community representatives were emphatic that the Mayland site be considered for something other than retail use. Further, there is support for City action to catalyze the redevelopment of this site through the use of public actions or funding strategies that would facilitate new uses for this priority redevelopment target.

In two of the three alternatives considered, the Mayland site is critical to the goal of providing a new and more functional community center to meet residents’ needs for meeting space and possibly even provide additional recreation space. Clearly, the City could choose to develop a new community center at the existing Ross C. DeJohn site, an alternative that is discussed in greater detail in Chapter 5 (Recommendations Section—Community Amenities Recommendation 3(a)). However, relocation of the community center to the Mayfield Road Corridor provides a central location and could support other community development objectives. The third alternative does not incorporate the community center and supports private redevelopment of the site exclusively.

Description: The Mayland site is on the south side of Mayfield Rd. at the western edge of the City, near the Lander Rd./Mayfield Rd. intersection. The “core” Mayland site, from Mayfair Rd. to the Hal-Artz Mercury property line, consists of 9.23 acres primarily under one owner. The expanded site that could be considered for redevelopment consists of 10 parcels, representing about 17 acres. All parcels in the core site and the expanded site are currently zoned U-4 Retail/Wholesale though a considerable amount of the existing retail space is currently vacant. The site size, its parcels, and adjacent uses are summarized on the Mayland Site Map A.

Alternatives: Three alternatives are offered for the City’s consideration for the redevelopment of this site—with no preference expressed. All three focus on the expanded Mayland site (the full 17 acres) though the alternatives could be trimmed back to utilize only the core area of 9 acres.

• Mayland Community Center: The Mayland site is acquired by the City to develop a mixed-use town center that would incorporate a community/recreation center facility (a center of approximately 50,000 square feet is illustrated). Under this alternative, the center is integrated into a development plan that includes retail and housing adjacent to the community center and shares parking.
• Mayland/Marshall Ford Relocation: The Mayland site is acquired by the City to provide for the relocation of the Marshall Ford auto dealership to the Mayland site so as to clear an area adjacent to the City park (the existing Marshall Ford site) for public recreation and community facilities. The Marshall Ford site, 2.83 acres adjacent to the City’s central park and pool facilities and its City hall. The Marshall Ford site could provide sufficient land for a new 50,000 square foot community center as well as additional parking to serve the City’s central park area.
• Mayland Mixed-Use Center: Develop the site as a mixed-use (office/retail/residential) center that would provide a new style of development for the community and would complement the City’s existing land uses.
The three alternatives are presented on the Mayland Site Map B.


Mayland Site Map A
Current Conditions

Current Conditions


Total Value
2002 Mkt. Est.

Square Feet



Square Feet


$ 759,000






$ 625,100






$ 471,100






$ 1,397,400






$ 876,300






$ 671,100






$ 1,874,000






$ 1,163,700






$ 320,000






$ 3,188,200






$ 1,623,000






$ 241,800











Source: Cuyahoga County Auditor





Mayland Site Map B

Proposed Redevelopment Alternatives

Mayland Community Center Option

Proposed Redevelopment Alternatives

Mayland Mixed-Use Center Option

Mayland Mixed-Use Center Option
Focus Area—Eastgate Shopping Center
The Eastgate/Hillcrest Hospital area is characterized by an intense concentration of residential and economic densities that co-exist but are not supportive of each other. The various land uses in the Eastgate/Hillcrest Hospital area have developed with very little connectivity and relationship to each other and are characterized by an assortment of building designs. In addition to the considerable amount of single-family residences within 1/2 mile of the center, more than 1,500 residential apartment units surround the shopping center and provide local residents and employees with access to shopping—but only if they are willing to get in their cars to get there.

This key economic center, suffering a crush of traffic during peak periods, would benefit from a redevelopment approach designed to enhance the function of the area while providing a more attractive destination to shop, dine or visit. The potential expansion of the Hillcrest Hospital facilities to the north side of Mayfield Rd. present an even greater opportunity to enhance the connectivity and pedestrian quality of the larger area. The key strategies for this area should focus on:
• smoothing traffic flows;
• infilling existing areas with smaller restaurants/cafés and other pedestrian-oriented retail uses;
• creating pedestrian linkages;
• enhancing public spaces; and
• upgrading the overall appeal of the center with enhanced landscaping and architectural design.

The City is currently working with the owner of the shopping center to reposition the southern-most strip as the location of three separate larger-scale retail uses. Although there is community interest in a complete redevelopment of this area to achieve a better mix of land uses and connectivity, the recommendations here focus on strategies that work with the planned leasing-up of the facility with new retail uses as proposed. Over the longer term (or should the current leasing plans not materialize), the City could consider strategies that facilitate redevelopment of the Eastgate site with a mix of uses that would support the concept of an Eastgate/Hillcrest “Mixed-Use Center” (as described in Table 16 in Chapter 4—Regional Issues section).

Description: The core Eastgate Shopping Center site is at the northeast corner of the Mayfield Rd. and SOM Center Rd. intersection. The site consists of nearly 37 acres with 469,000 square footage of retail space currently zoned U-4A Development District. The site size, its parcels, and adjacent uses are summarized on the Eastgate Site Map A.
Recommendations: The overall goal is to facilitate public and private investments that would help the Eastgate/Hillcrest area to function as a “Mixed-Use Center” by encouraging a mix and connectivity of uses and the safety/convenience of pedestrian travel. The recommended enhancements to the current site seek to support the redevelopment scheme as proposed by the shopping center’s owner. Site enhancements are illustrated on Eastgate Site Map B and are summarized below:
1. Manage Access and Connections: Link up internal circulation drives and limit entry/exit points on Mayfield and SOM Center Rds. including:
• Align access on the north and south sides of the street to limit signals and provide safe pedestrian crossings; and
• Connect existing buildings on the north side of the street with a single circulation route designed to minimize the number of vehicles accessing the arterial roads.
2. Safe and Landscaped Pedestrian Routes: Require landscaped, safe and attractively-designed pedestrian connections:
• Between residential, commercial and institutional uses to accommodate those without vehicles (seniors) and reduce the number of vehicle trips in the Eastgate area generally;
• Within the shopping center to connect plazas;
• Consider re-creating an east/west pedestrian plaza in the southern shopping plaza to shorten the length of the pedestrian trip and to encourage more users of the plaza from the adjacent residential buildings;
• Provide substantial crosswalks within the shopping plaza and at major street intersections (with supportive signal operations) and
• Support provision of an elevated or below-ground pedestrian connection for the hospital expansion in addition to providing a quality pedestrian crossing at the street level.
3. Enhanced Design of the Center and nearby buildings including:
• Façade rehabilitation of the major strip buildings consistent with any upgrades on the shopping center site;
• Outlot development with small restaurants/cafes and plazas in exchange for reduction of parking requirements; and
• Trees and other plantings in exchange for a reduction of parking requirements.

Eastgate Site Map A

Current Conditions
Current Conditions


Total Value
2002 Mkt. Est.


Reference Number

Square Feet







Included in 002





Included in 002





$ 8,962,900




Source: Cuyahoga County Auditor


Eastgate Site Map B

Recommended Improvements
Recommended Improvements

Focus Area--Ridgebury Residential Area


The focus area consists of large-lot residential parcels on both the north and south sides of Ridgebury Avenue between I-271 and SOM Center Rd. Lots in this area average 1.7 acres and are considerably larger than the 1/4-acre lots directly to the south along Vallevista, Cordova and Monterey Drives. This master plan effort presents a key opportunity to look at the Ridgebury Residential Area and to consider development alternatives that would meet the community’s objectives over the longer term.

The availability of large tracts of unused land behind the existing Ridgebury homes presents a resource that is likely to be developed on its own and should be guided by the objectives of this Master Plan. There is strong support on the part of the Master Plan Committee for retaining the residential character of this area consistent with the lot size minimums to the south of Ridgebury Ave. However, the likely subdivision of this property over time should be carefully planned so as to achieve the community’s objectives of providing slightly larger single-family housing that would appeal to current residents looking for “move up” housing within the City.

Clearly, the single-family residential uses to the south and to the north of this site would benefit from the redevelopment of this area in a manner that is consistent with lots and home sizes in this general area. As a result, the alternatives presented here focus on the development of this area for primarily single-family detached homes with some consideration for cluster or attached housing as a buffer between the Interstate and perhaps even along Ridgebury Rd. where the cost of development would be greater due to the acquisition costs. Under any development scenario, the layout of new roads in this area should be carefully designed so as to discourage cut-through traffic between Ridgebury and SOM Center Rd.

Description: The 135-acre area in the City’s northeast corner is the last remaining large-lot, residential area and is currently being looked at by developers for development of unused vacant “backlot” areas. The area is zoned U-1(2), a single-family district requiring a minimum lot size of 40,000 square feet. The existing parcels in this area of Ridgebury average 75,000 square feet, and new homes could be developed in these back areas and still remain consistent with current zoning—not necessarily the best scenario for this area. The site size, its parcels, and adjacent uses are summarized on the Ridgebury Site Map A.

Recommended Approach: The Master Plan Committee emphasized the need to develop new “move up” housing units that existing residents seeking larger units could afford, a niche that is currently underserved in the City. The Committee supported redeveloping this area with the maximum amount of single-family sites as demonstrated in Ridgebury Site Map B.


Ridgebury Site Map A

Current Conditions
Current Conditions

Ridgebury Site Map B

Recommended Approach
Recommended Approach