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October 22, 2007



The regular meeting of Council was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by Council President Michael Ballistrea.


ROLL CALL:             PRESENT:    Mr. Michael Ballistrea, Mrs. Donna Finney,

Mr. Ronald Kobunski, Mr. Sam Mercurio,

Mr. David Sasak, Mrs. Diane Snider,

Mr. Howard Sonenstein.

ABSENT:       None.


Also present were Mayor Gregory Costabile, Mr. Bryan Carr, Mr. Robert Tribby and Miss Lisa Benedetti.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Mr. Kobunski moved to suspend reading of the Committee of the Whole minutes of October 8, 2007, and approve as written, seconded by Mr. Sonenstein.  All in favor, motion carried.  Minutes approved.


Mrs. Snider moved to suspend reading of the Council minutes of October 8, 2007, and approve as written, seconded by Mrs. Finney.  All in favor, motion carried.  Minutes approved.






Mayor Costabile:  Mayfield Road Update:  New work at SOM Center and Mayfield Road started today.  There is a new traffic pattern and there is a police presence due to backups.  The Mayor thanked everyone for their patience.  The go ahead has been received for a winter reprieve from the construction barrels.  As of December 1 until March 1 from SOM West to Lander Road, the barrels will be removed and all lanes of traffic will be opened up. The constuction in front of the hosptial will continue.  This will not delay the project.  It should help business owners and residents during the busy holiday season. 


Three new firefighters/paramedics were sworn in today.  The Mayor welcomed them on board.


A Finance Committee meeting will need to be scheduled to discuss the new TC3 contract.


Public Sector Solutions is investigating applying for grant money available from the County.  There are deadlines to meet, so things have to be done soon.


The City's website now has video streaming for Council meetings and other special events.  Residents who cannot get the City cable station can on online instead.


The first annual Spooktacular contest for the best Halloween decorations will be held this year.  Residents should contact the City to nominate properties.


The Halloween Bash will be held on October 27, 2007.


The Mayors Community Council will sponsor a fall leaf pickup date on November 10, 2007.  The number to call is on the City's website.


Election Day is November 6, 2007.  The Mayor urged everyone to educate themselves on the issues and candidates and use their right to vote.



Mr. Ballistrea stated that Council did receive the press release with regard to the construction reprieve, that was sent to the media and other entities.  Mrs. Finney asked if the date for this reprieve could be moved up for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Mayor Costabile stated that the construction company has to get certain work done so the December 1st date is how it was scheduled.  Mr. Sonenstein asked what the cost for this reprieve would be.  The Mayor said there are several figures, which he did not have with him and he would be glad to get that information to Council. 


Mr. Sonenstein asked if there are any reports from Public Sector Solutions.  Mayor Costabile replied there are no written reports.  It is difficult to report on their work, as had been stated before as their work is project oriented and not day to day specific.


Mr. Sonenstein asked if the Mayor's statement at the previous Council Meeting that AT & T would be making the City's cable station available for its customers by 2008 has not changed.  The Mayor said yes, it has not changed from his statement two weeks ago.


Mr. Sonenstein asked if the City could be part of the Tri City Consortium.  The Mayor responded probably not, as we are not members.  Although it may be possible for residents to take part in the meal program.  He will inquire with Human Services Director, Eileen Adornetti and report to Council.


Mrs. Snider inquired if an officer could be assigned at Marsol/Stafford and SOM during this new construction phase.  Mayor Costabile stated this is a manning issue and he will check into it. We are cognizant of traffic issues in and about Mayfield Rd Construction Project.  However, if we pull too many officers off of regular patrol we will weaken the departments effectiveness in other essential areas.  Mrs. Snider asked if the winter is mild if any construction work could be done.  Mayor Costabile stated the work on the east side of SOM to the corporate line would continue so as not to put the project behind schedule. The other section will not be started again until March 1st. Mr. Sonenstein gave praise to the police for maintaining the good traffic flow on SOM this morning.


Director of Law Carr:  Assistant to the Law Director Bryan Carr reported that a lawsuit pertaining to a public records request was recently resolved in the City's favor. The plaintiff can still file an appeal.  These types of cases have been getting a lot of attention recently.


Mr. Carr thanked everyone for their cards and messages on the birth of his daughter.


Director of Finance Tribby:  No report.




Building Committee:  No report.


Finance and Audit Committee:  No report.  Mr. Ballistrea referred the review of the TC3 contract to the committee.


Legislative Committee:  No report.


Public Works and Services Committee:  Mr. Sonenstein reported the Service Department is picking up leaves.


Recreation and Parks Committee:  Mr. Sasak reported the Halloween Bash is sold out.  Tickets for the Santa Lunch on December 8, 2007 will be available beginning on November 1, 2007.


Safety and Transportation Committee:  Mr. Kobunski stated that three new firefighters/paramedics were hired.


Board of Zoning Appeals:  Mr. Kobunski stated there were three items on the agenda this evening.


Commission on Aging:  Mr. Ballistrea reported that the November meeting was cancelled due to it being on Election Day.  The next meeting will be held December 4, 2007.


Planning Commission:  Mr. Sasak reported there are four items on the agenda pertaining to Hidden Woods and Hillcrest Hospital.




Geno Manfredi, 6292 Ridgebury Blvd., spoke about the proposed gas well in the City park.  He stated there was an October 18, 2007 Sun Messenger article about a second gas well being shut down in Gates Mills.  The Fire Department had to respond several times and it took 20 minutes for the company to respond.  He believes the proposal for a gas well is a common sense issue especially with the location being proposed in the park and also an issue of the well being of everyone who uses the park.  If it is approved, he urged that the company use a hydraulic valve that can be remotely used to automatically shut off the well.


Peg Egensperger stated she has an issue with the word re-elect that Gayle Teresi used on her signs for her election campaign, because she is not currently a council member.  Mrs. Egensperger has sent notice to several papers and officials regarding this matter.  She also approached Mr. Teresi who claimed it was legal.  Mrs. Egensperger read from the Ohio Elections Commission Section 3517.21 Unfair political campaign activities and distributed copies to Council.  She further stated that the people of Mayfield Heights should know what this person had reportedly said about the City and its Council, as has been reported in the past.

Mrs. Egensperger stated her agreement with Mr. Manfredi's remarks about the gas well.  Safety should come first and the gas well should not be installed.  She urged them to check on the well already installed on City property.


George Michael, 1594 Fruitland Ave., also stated his opposition to the gas well proposal.


Andy Hoffman, Cosmo Mgmt., 30201 Aurora Road, representing Eastgate spoke on the CVS sign requests.  Because of the uniqueness of the location with the closeness of the building to Mayfield Road, a sign would really be needed.  Without it, it is aesthetically a blank wall and does not look good.  A sign would add visual appeal.  Wal-Mart has a similar wall, which is blank and it does not look good.  Heading west on Mayfield Road people would pass the building before knowing it was there and it would be a hardship, especially with the expansion of the hospital.  It could also create a safety hazard.  Because of the size of the wall, a small sign would be lost.  The Architectural Board had stated that the building uniquely had three fronts.

Regarding the letter color request, he has requested many times that red signs be allowed at Eastgate.  The ordinance does not state that the colors have to be substantially the same, just the sign.  He showed some examples of the use of red already at the shopping center.  There are other shopping centers where there are mixed colors.  He believes that they should be allowed to use a color that is already there.  He would like the same consideration.


Terry Phillips, Park Ohio, 6061 Landerbrook Drive, stated the company is asking for signage on the freeway side.  They would like to reduce the original size request that the Board of Zoning Appeals voted on.  They minimized the letters and the background.  The background would now be 35 square feet.


Phil LiBassi, Westlake, Reed, Leskosky, architects for the hospital gave a presentation on the proposed expansion.  Mr. LiBassi presented slides showing the model, the specific improvements at all three locations, the hospital, the old car dealership and the medical buildings, and site plans showing proposed and existing.  This project is a significant investment by The Cleveland Clinic at $163.5 million. The bulk of construction will start in April 2008 with the intended completion by the end of 2010.  The exterior will look finished in 2009.  This project will improve the image along Mayfield Road.  Landscaping would be put in the front of the hospital.

Mr. LiBassi explained that their goal is to improve and simplify access and movements at all locations.  Operational deficiencies, critical capacity issues and infrastructure will be improved. The ability for patients and visitors to find points of interest in the hospital, by creating the simplest paths of travel, will also be addressed.  He pointed out that the plan does not require any variances.  All zoning boundaries and setbacks meet the new zoning code, which was recently adopted. 

The five story bed tower addition will be in front of the building. The one story addition on the west side of the hospital will include the expansion of the surgery department and emergency room.  A turn around and a parking area will be created for ambulances.  A small addition to house mechanical equipment will be added to the east side.

Mr. LiBassi pointed out that no changes would be made to the north campus building or the adjacent medical buildings and the parking garage.

The required amount of parking spaces has been achieved by utilizing the parking at all buildings on the co-joined campus, which is permitted in the medical campus code.  They now have a 90% utilization rate on the south side and a 25% utilization rate on the north side. The north campus parking is intended more for employees.  Shuttle service, which is now provided, will be increased.  Mr. LiBassi identified the shuttle bus route as shown on the site plan.  The parking on the south side will be preserved for patients and visitors. A second entrance will be added to the north side of the parking garage for easier access.

The easterly driveway of the medical buildings will be realigned to meet with the hospital's easterly access point. The alignment of the hospital's westerly drive with the Eastgate Shopping Center drive and the Apartment drive is in process.  No curb cuts will be made in front of the hospital.  The hospital's existing SOM Center Road access drive will be relocated closer to the parking garage and more in line with the Wal-Mart (6594 Mayfield Road) access drive across the street. The area along the southern boundary by the residential area may have a few more parking spaces and landscaping.

The primary helistop will continue to be on top of the hospital with the back-up helistop at the north campus.   Mr. LiBassi added that they have also acquired a triangular piece of property on the north side.


Mr. Mercurio, seconded by Mr. Sonenstein, moved to extend the public portion.  All in favor, motion carried.


Matt Rosner, Hidden Woods LLC, asked to extend the Phase II subdivision approvals for 18 months according to the code.  Sales have not been up to expectations.


Sean McDermett, Zaremba, 14600 Detroit, representing CVS, commented that a larger sign on the south side of the building would really pull the project look together and help the westbound traffic on Mayfield Road, as well as the traffic from the hospital.  The blank wall does not look good.


Teresa Eloualladi, 1640 Woodhurst Avenue, stated that the first she heard of the proposed gas well in the park was over the weekend.  Nine homes are involved for the leases, one of which is hers.  She is curious about safety issues and has concerns and questions. 


Joel Rudicel, JR Resources Inc., stated that well drilling is nothing new.  There are 60,000 wells in Ohio.  It is regulated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which oversees the whole procedure.  Urban rules have been in place since 2004.  Since these wells have been installed, there have not been any significant issues.  He showed the wells that were drilled in Knollwood Cemetery.  The City is part of the directional one, as it owns 50% of the acreage.  The City could receive $150,000 to $300,000 over 10 years for the proposed park well.  This is not including potential additional savings if the well is operating beyond 10 years, as expected, and the savings does not include reduced gas prices to heat City Hall and the pool.  The recent article in the newspaper had misinformation about the amount of money offered to property owners.  Private property owners would be negotiated with individually.  Their property is a very small part of the acreage involved.  The article on the Gates Mills wells actually pertained to a personal gas well, not a commercial one.  He displayed a well location aerial map.  The wells are locked, fenced and odorless.  Since 1986 he has drilled in countless parks.  The gas has been delivered to buildings for heat.  There is always a risk, but he feels it is a mitigated risk.

Geno Manfredi asked if a hydraulic valve for remote control would be installed as recommended by the American Petroleum Institute.  Mr. Rudicel replied that he installs safe equipment.  Mr. Manfredi asked if the safety forces have had any input on this proposal.  Mayor Costabile stated that the Fire Chief does not feel there is cause for concern for the residents.


Chuck Egensperger, 6369 Ashdale, asked if Council has examined the questions that were raised at the last meeting.


RESOLUTION NO. 2007-51:  "A Resolution confirming the action of the Board of Zoning Appeals of the City of Mayfield Heights in granting to SignArt, Inc., on behalf of CVS Pharmacy, for a variance to allow all signs to be red in color, at the location known as 1491 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Heights, Ohio."  Mr. Carr read the resolution by title only.  Mr. Mercurio moved for suspension of the rules, seconded by Mrs. Snider.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Sonenstein, Mercurio, Snider, Kobunski, Sasak, Finney, Ballistrea.   NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  Mrs. Snider moved for adoption, seconded by Mr. Mercurio.  Mr. Ballistrea commented that everyone received the minutes from the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.  There was a split vote.  Mr. Kobunski explained that there were two no votes, because there have been other requests for the use of red letters and those were denied.  The prominent color at Eastgate is white.  The other three members felt that since red had been used for backgrounds before, this should be allowed.  Mr. Sasak stated that at the January 10, 2005 Council meeting, there was a resolution where the BZA had approved red letters for Michael's and Council overturned that decision.  In December 2005, there was a resolution where the BZA denied red letters for Marc's and Council upheld that decision.  Mr. Ballistrea added that the code requires substantially similar signs and that has always been interpreted as to the colors of the letters.  He is concerned that if this is allowed, it might set precedent.  Mayor Costabile commented that while he appreciates Mr. Hoffman's presentation, all the letters on the signs at Eastgate are white and the City tries to be consistent with its granting of requests. As such, the variance request should be denied.   Mr. Sonenstein stated that the letters at Wal-Mart are red.  Mr. Ballistrea replied that the building is not part of a contiguous building and stands alone.  Mr. Sonenstein then inquired as to the red letters used for the "Eastgate" sign. Mr. Ballistrea replied that Council allowed this because the monument sign on SOM Center Road for the whole Eastgate shopping complex was originally red and the requested Eastgate sign on the north building facing west would stand separately from the rest of the merchant signs and would be similar to the monument sign.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES: Sonenstein.  NAYS: Snider, Finney, Sasak, Mercurio, Kobunski, Ballistrea.  Vote 1-6.  Motion failed.  The decision of the BZA is overturned and the request is denied.  The resolution is overturned and the request denied.


RESOLUTION NO. 2007-52:  "A Resolution confirming the action of the Board of Zoning Appeals of the City of Mayfield Heights in denying to SignArt, Inc. on behalf of CVS Pharmacy, for a variance to allow a "CVS Pharmacy" sign on the south (Mayfield Road) side of the building, at the location known as 1491 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Heights, Ohio."  Mr. Carr read the resolution by title only.  Mr. Sasak moved for suspension of the rules, seconded by Mr. Kobunski.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES: Sasak, Kobunski, Finney, Sonenstein, Mercurio, Snider, Ballistrea.  NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  Mr. Mercurio moved for adoption, seconded by Mrs. Finney.  Mr. Ballistrea stated this was denied by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Mr. Kobunski explained that he voted for this because as there was no signage on that side of the building, it would be good to have identification for the traffic on Mayfield Road. Two members of the BZA, including himself, did feel this would be a hardship, as CVS would now have the entire south face of the building without identification.  The rest of the Board did not feel there was a hardship.  Mr. Sonenstein commented that the applicant could put up a smaller sign according to code, so where is the hardship.  Mr. Kobunski replied he voted on what was presented.  Mrs. Finney mentioned that the CVS store has been at Eastgate for many years and is well known and patronized.  Mr. Kobunski stated that traffic going west on Mayfield Road, would not be able to easily identify the store.  The Tony Roma sign request was denied.  Mr. Ballistrea added that was denied because there were three other businesses on that side.  Now there will be none.  He agreed that it is a difficulty because of the amount of the total square footage.  Mr. Kobunski stated there would be a drive through pharmacy at the rear with a small sign identifying it.  Mr. Sonenstein asked for clarification that CVS could put up a 6' sign on that side. Mr. Ballistrea did not believe so because the building's entrance faces SOM Center Rd. The drawing is a little deceiving. Mr. Hoffman confirmed that the entrance actually does face SOM Center Road, but is technically on Mayfield road.  The entrance is from the west side of the building.  The sign on the side is open to interpretation.  They are asking for a full sized sign. Mr. Sasak clarified that the signage, if permitted,  would be white.  Mr. Ballistrea said yes. It should to be similar to the rest of the contiguous merchant signs per code.  Mayor Costabile commented that there is some precedent in the City for this type of variance.  He believes Best Buy was granted one.  Some signs are more helpful to assist people locate a business. Mayor Costabile recommends that Council approve this variance.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES: Finney.  NAYS: Mercurio, Sasak, Kobunski, Snider, Sonenstein, Ballistrea.  Vote 1-6. Motion failed.  The decision of the BZA is overturned and the request is denied.  The resolution is overturned and the request granted.


RESOLUTION NO. 2007-53:  "A Resolution confirming the action of the Board of Zoning Appeals of the City of Mayfield Heights in denying to Signature Sign Company on behalf of Park Ohio, a variance to place a 29 ½ square foot "Park Ohio" sign on a 92 square foot background on the highway side of the building, at the location known as 6065 Parkland Boulevard, Mayfield Heights, Ohio." Mr. Carr read the resolution by title only.  Mr. Mercurio moved for suspension of the rules, seconded by Mrs. Snider.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Kobunski, Snider, Sonenstein, Mercurio, Finney, Sasak, Ballistrea. NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  Mr. Mercurio moved for adoption, seconded by Mrs. Finney.  Mr. Ballistrea stated that Council received a request from the applicant for a revision to its request.  The revision would be for a 35 square foot background, and the Board of Zoning Appeals at its meeting had stated that it might consider a request for lesser footage.  Mr. Sonenstein asked what the size was of the previous sign on that building.  Mayor Costabile replied that 24' was already granted to a previous tenant.  Mr. Kobunski commented that he had not realized that the background was part of the signage size.  The old background was taken away.  Mr. Ballistrea suggested that the new request be referred back to the BZA, since the minutes of the BZA did not reflect the opinion that they would all be in favor of the revised signage. The minutes only reflected the opinion of the chairman, Mr. Kramer.  Mayor Costabile stated that Council could factor in the BZA Chair's comments and that the amount of the variance request was reduced by approximately 62%.  Therefore, the variance would not be very great. Mayor Costabile recommends that Council approve this variance request. Mr. Kobunski clarified that indeed the entire BZA was looking to see a reduction in the background size; the lettering was fine. The comments by the chairman reflected those of the entire BZA. He thinks the proposed revision is what is needed.  Mr. Sonenstein, seconded by Mr. Kobunski moved to modify the resolution to ". . . 35 square foot background on the . . ."  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Finney, Mercurio, Sasak, Kobunski, Sonenstein, Snider, Ballistrea.  NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  Mr. Sonenstein commented that a much larger sign for Mayfield Road was just approved.  This is much more reasonable.  Roll Call on original motion as stated:  AYES: None. NAYS: Sonenstein, Mercurio, Snider, Kobunski, Sasak, Finney, Ballistrea. Vote 0-7. Motion failed.  The resolution is overturned and the request granted as modified.


RESOLUTION NO. 2007-54:  "A Resolution approving and adopting an oil and gas lease agreement with JR Resources, Inc. for gas well drilling in the City of Mayfield Heights."  Mr. Carr read the resolution by title only.  Mr. Sonenstein moved for suspension of the rules, seconded by Mrs. Finney.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Snider, Finney, Sasak, Mercurio, Sonenstein, Kobunski, Ballistrea.  NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  Mr. Mercurio moved for adoption, seconded by Mr. Kobunski.  Mr. Ballistrea stated that a letter was received from Mr. Carr to Mr. Rudicel stating that Bass Energy had recanted its comments from the Committee of the Whole Meeting held on October 8, 2007.  Mr. Mercurio stated that he was concerned that the nine homeowners were not advised of this proposal.  Mr. Rudicel replied that the following is the typical way to proceed: The lease for the property where the well is located would be entered into first, then the adjacent property owners would be contacted for their approval.  He has not had any denials in the past.  If there were, then if there was a majority approval of the acreage involved there is a provision that would allow them to move forward, if it was approved by a technology group.  Mrs. Finney commented that all the residents that she spoke with about this proposal, which included baseball participants, etc., were not against it.  There was knowledge of it because of the meeting being shown on the cable station. 

Mr. Sasak stated that he was busy since last Thursday with the residents on Woodhurst.  The underlying theme was safety concerns.  The City needs to be very sure on this matter.  He then brought up the vandalism issues the City continually has with park property.  He asked how vandalism proof the well would be.  Mr. Rudicel explained that the well is fenced and padlocked and there is a roof on the structure and that the well head is not accessible.  The controls are not located there.  Mr. Sasak asked what, if any odor does it have.  Mr. Rudicel said it smells like petroleum, if at all.  Mr. Ballistrea wondered if the flow line is excessive to the tank battery located at the salt bin.  Is that a good and safe operating distance.  Mr. Rudicel replied that normally companies prefer it to be closer, but there are locations with that distance.  It depends on the flow and he does not think this would be an issue with this well. 

Mr. Sonenstein agrees with other Council members that safety is an important factor.  A resident asked him if there was enough information.  He does not have any information from the safety forces.  He also did not see a map of the proposed area until this evening.  He also thinks the residents should have been approached first.  Mr. Sonenstein asked about the valve that Mr. Manfredi mentioned.  He further stated that Mrs. Egensperger had commented about the lack of park space.  He is concerned that the location looks like it is in the middle of the park.  Receiving money is not enough over the whole scheme of things.  Mr. Kobunski is concerned about the closeness of the well to the homes for safety reasons.  Mr. Rudicel stated that the industry is recognized for safety.  There is a site where safety forces can practice for emergencies, but not many people take advantage of it.  He would be happy to meet with the safety forces to go over what to do and train them in case of an emergency.  He added that he does not have time to meet with all the residents before the lease is finalized with the City, because it is customary to obtain the lease of the property owner who owns the most acreage before seeking approval of others.  Hence, this is why he is approaching the City first.   The site in the park was selected with input from the Service Director and the Mayor to have the least interference with the park operations.  Mr. Kobunski asked if there were other areas on City property that could be used.  Mr. Rudicel replied that they need an area that is flat and accessible.  Other areas were reviewed, but were not feasible. 

Mrs. Snider feels that the residents should have been contacted.  She does have a problem with the location.  She also only got one negative response when she spoke with residents.  She commented that she does not feel educated enough about this matter or that the residents are educated enough.  Mr. Ballistrea inquired if his company had any materials to educate people about gas wells.  Mr. Rudicel replied that he is educating all the time.  He has been before this Council several times.  He needs to know where the well will be located before he can approach residents. Mayor Costabile stated that safety is always the number one issue and it is always addressed first.  It would not make sense to go in neighborhoods and say a proposal is being discussed when there is nothing to show them.  Mr. Rudicel had presented a proposal to Council once before and it did not go forward.  The decision on location was made so that it would not be obtrusive or instrusive.  This issue has now been discussed at three separate meetings of Council,  the Committee of the Whole and Council meetings of October 8th and this evening.  City Council has had an ample amount of time to investigate and ask questions. There would  only be one well outside of Kobe field.  No ball fields would be lost and it would not be in the way of any activities in the park.  If it were approved, all residents within 500' would be notified of the project.  The actual drilling is intrusive, as the equipment is very large, so companies like to drill when people are not around and windows are closed. In other words, during the winter months.  Council has asked a lot of questions and the Law Department has investigated thoroughly.  Due diligence was done.  The remote control equipment question would be reviewed, if necessary although it does not appear necessary at this time.

Mr. Sasak commented that the homes affected would be 1608 to 1648 Woodhurst.  He asked if there are any other similar installations.  Mr. Rudicel stated there are three wells in Brainard Park in Lyndhurst and one well near the gazebo in Lyndhurst Park.  There is also one well near the community center, pool and tennis courts in that park.  Mrs. Finney commented that there seems to be some hesitancy here. 

Mr. Sonenstein moved to table the resolution to wait for further information, seconded by Mrs. Finney. Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Finney, Mercurio, Sasak, Sonenstein, Snider.  NAYS: Kobunski, Ballistrea.  Vote 5-2.  Motion carried.   Mr. Ballistrea asked what further information Council would like to receive.  Mrs. Finney stated that the residents be notified and that the remote control possibility be reviewed.  Mr. Sonenstein asked that a map of the proposed location be provided.  Mr. Ballistrea instructed Council members to send requests prior to the next meeting to the pertinent departments or to Mr. Rudicel to have their questions answered.

Mrs. Egensperger asked how many Council members voted for the gas well already in the City. She did not believe that Council had voted upon it.   Mr. Ballistrea corrected her and answered that it was a unanimous vote done by Resolution No. 2006-83 in December of 2006 for the directional well located in Knollwood Cemetery.  Mrs. Egensperger also stated that she is interested in safety issues.  The resolution is tabled.


Mr. Ballistrea recused himself from conducting the meeting, as he is a homeowner in the development and an employee of the hospital.  Council President Pro Tem Sam Mercurio took over the meeting.


Mrs. Snider, seconded by Mr. Kobunski, moved to confirm the decision of the Planning Commission granting to Jaylene Development an eighteen month extension of the final record plat for the Hidden Woods Subdivision, Phase II, off of SOM Center Road.  Mr. Sonenstein asked if any of the lots have been purchased in this phase.  Mr. Rosner stated the lots have not been put on the market.  Phase I still has 11 or 12 lots available.  All in favor, except Mr. Ballistrea who abstained, as he is a homeowner in this development. Vote 6-0, motion carried.


Mr. Sasak, seconded by Mrs. Finney, moved to confirm the decision of the Planning Commission approving a preliminary site plan for the parking lot expansion and site improvements in conjunction with the Hillcrest Hospital expansion, Hillcrest North Campus, 6777 Mayfield Road.  Mr. Sonenstein asked if the parking requirements were figured on all the parcels together or each separately.  Mr. LiBassa replied that all the parcels were used together and related it to the zoning for each parcel.  Mr. Sonenstein asked if the Planning Commission had any issues.  Mr. Sasak stated there were no issues.  The whole project is for Hillcrest Hospital with three different addresses.  Mr. Sonenstein asked if another deck would be added to the parking garage.  Mr. LiBassa said it is not part of this project.  Mr. Sonenstein inquired if there any plans for a pedestrian bridge from the medical buildings across Mayfield Road to the hospital.  Mr. LiBassa stated not at this time, but it has been reviewed to see if it can be accommodated.  Mr. Kobunski asked about the helipad.  Mr. LiBassa replied that the current one would remain on top of the building.  All in favor, except Mr. Ballistrea and Mrs. Snider who abstained, as they are both employees of the hospital.  Vote 5-0, motion carried.


Mr. Sasak, seconded by Mr. Kobunski, moved to confirm the decision of the Planning Commission approving a preliminary site plan for proposed site improvements in conjunction with the Hillcrest Hospital expansion, Hillcrest Medical Buildings, 6801 and 6803 Mayfield Road. All in favor, except Mr. Ballistrea and Mrs. Snider, as they are both employees of the hospital.  Vote 5-0, motion carried.


Mrs. Finney, seconded by Mr. Sonenstein, moved to confirm the decision of the Planning Commission approving a preliminary site plan for the proposed bed tower addition, surgery/emergency expansion and site improvements in conjunction with the Hillcrest Hospital expansion, 6780 Mayfield Road. All in favor, except Mr. Ballistrea and Mrs. Snider, as they are both employees of the hospital.  Vote 5-0, motion carried.


Mr. Ballistrea took over the meeting again.




Mr. Sasak congratulated the three new firefighters, especially Michael Puin, who had worked at the pool for many years as a student.


There being no further business to come before Council, Mr. Ballistrea adjourned the meeting at 10:17 P.M.


Approved:                                                                  Respectfully submitted,




Michael Ballistrea                                                    Lisa A. Benedetti, MMC

Council President                                                    Deputy Clerk of Council