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October 8, 2007



The regular meeting of Council was called to order at 7:40 P.M. by Council President  Michael Ballistrea.


ROLL CALL:             PRESENT:    Mr. Michael Ballistrea, Mrs. Donna Finney,

                                                            Mr. Ronald Kobunski, Mr. Sam Mercurio,

                                                            Mr. David Sasak, Mrs. Diane Snider,

                                                            Mr. Howard Sonenstein.

                                    ABSENT:       None


Also present were Mayor Gregory Costabile, Mr. Leonard Carr, Mr. Robert Tribby and Miss Angela Ianiro.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Mrs. Snider moved to suspend reading of the Council minutes of September 24, 2007, and approve as written, seconded by Mr. Mercurio.  All in favor, motion carried.  Minutes approved.  Mr. Ballistrea abstained as he was absent from the prior meeting.




Mr. Ballistrea thanked Mr. Mercurio for sitting in as Council President Pro Tem at the September 24, 2007 Council Meeting.


Mrs. Snider asked if the Tri City Consortium transportation services could be looked into since she is receiving calls from residents regarding this.  Mayor Costabile and Mr. Tribby concurred that the City was involved 25 years ago.  The Mayor further stated that Schnurman Luther House offers transportation, and the City offers financial assistance to this residency.  He said the residents can contact him directly or Eileen Adornetti, Director of Human Services.


Mr. Sonenstein noted that AT&T U-verse does not currently offer Channel 23, the government television channel but Time Warner Cable does.  Mayor Costabile commented that he has had discussions with AT&T regarding this.  He noted that  Mayfield Heights is one of the first communities in the area to offer the program.  He continued, in first quarter 2008 AT&T hopes to have the government channels. The City, on the other hand, is investigating the possibility of adding the council meetings and other video taped city events on the  City's website so as to make same more accessible to the residents.


Mrs. Finney mentioned that she, Mrs. Snider and Mr. Sonenstein attended a VIP dinner for Mayfield Schools and it was a wonderful event.  She inquired as to whether the Superintendent could be invited to attend Council Meetings once or twice a year to update Council and residents on the schools.  Mr. Ballistrea said the Superintendent is always welcome to present, and noted that Council's agenda follows an order specified in our administrative code of the City.  Mrs. Finney also commended the current Council candidates for not cluttering the City with lawn signs and keeping the community presentable.


Mr. Ballistrea asked Council members to be more conscientious about turning away from the microphone because residents are having difficulty watching the program.


Mr. Sonenstein said it is not a violation of the charter to invite the Superintendent.      Mr. Ballistrea replied that he did not say it was a violation only that Council follows a predetermined agenda according to our code.




Mayor Costabile:  Mayfield Road Update:  The contractor does not believe by removing the barrels for the winter season will delay the project.  Phase I is on or ahead of schedule (Golden Gate Blvd. to Lander Rd.).  Phase III, which is just inside Gates Mills border to Wal-Mart, fell behind schedule by a couple of weeks because of bedrock and utility issues in that area.  A change order has been issued to increase the number of days and hours in that area.  After review with the State of Ohio and the general contractor to make sure safety issues are taken care of and that it is fiscally responsibleto the City, the winter reprieve would be allowed from 12/1/07 - 3/01/08.  The project should not be delayed and the businesses can have a successful holiday season.  The concrete should be poured on the South side of Mayfield Road, and the aprons replaced. 


The Mayor had the joy of welcoming eighty first-graders from Lander Elementary at City Hall on Friday, October 5, 2007.  This was a nice opportunity for the City to reach out to the Mayfield City Schools. 


The Mayfield City Schools will have their Fall Festival, October 13, 2007, from Noon-4 p.m. at the Mayfield High School soccer field.  The festival is also being called "Touch the Truck" with fire trucks, service trucks, etc. available for the students to touch from the area communities including Mayfield Heights. 


The week of October 7 - 13, 2007 is National Fire Prevention week, and the theme is "practice your escape plan".  During this week, banners will be present, and the fire bureau will be giving talks to instruct on the importance of an escape plan.


National Mayfield Heights Domestic Violence Awareness Month is the subject of a resolution that will be before Council this evening and a representative will be speaking on the subject.


Mr. Sonenstein asked the Mayor to please keep Council updated on the AT&T correspondence regarding Channel 23.  He also requested that signs, such as "children playing" be posted at Westerham and Sunningdale.  Mayor Costabile replied that he will continue to update Council on the AT&T issue as it comes in.  There is no utility work on the north side of Mayfield Road, but he will look into the placement of signs for the safety of the residents where necessary as he is advised from the traffic division of the police department.    Mr. Ballistrea commented that there are only two lanes on the north side versus three lanes which will be completed on the south side.


Mrs. Snider asked if the light will be placed on the corner of Ridgebury and Giesse.  The mayor said that will happen at the end of November or beginning of December 2007.  The City is moving with all deliberate speed as has given his approval already for the light to be added at this intersection.


Director of Law Carr:  No report.


Director of Finance Tribby:  No report.




Building Committee:  No report.


Finance and Audit Committee:  No report.


Legislative Committee:  No report.


Public Works and Services Committee:  Mr. Sonenstein reported the committee met on October 1, 2007 and a proposed legislation is forthcoming for Phase II Storm Water Management regulations.  The Service Department is also ready to begin the leaf pick up service.


Recreation and Parks Committee:  Mr. Sasak reported that the Halloween Bash tickets are selling fast and tickets are only available for the second session. 


Safety and Transportation Committee:  No report.


Board of Zoning Appeals:  Mr. Kobunski reported the next meeting will be held   October 9, 2007 with two items on the agenda, and he welcomes residents to attend.


Commission on Aging: Mr. Ballistrea reported that the commission met on October 2, 2007 and Council will be copied on the minutes.


Planning Commission:  Mr. Sasak reported that there is one item on the agenda this evening, and that is a motion for the final site plan approval for a drive through canopy at Key Bank.


Mayfield Union Cemetery:  No report.




George Michaels, resident at 1594 Fruitland Avenue, inquired as to the income the City would derive from the gas well.  Mayor Costabile replied that the City would receive approximately $5,000/yr or 300MCF in free gas, 15% royalties, approximately $360,000 over the term of the lease and a SPUD fee of $10,000.   Mr. Michaels asked the life expectancy of the well, and whether the ball fields would be affected.  The Mayor responded, 10 - 20 years and only one field, Kobe would be affected.  Right center field would be the affected area of the ball field.  However, if approved, the drilling would take place in the winter, and games would not be held up.  Mr. Michaels asked how the funds would be used, and Mr. Tribby said the funds would be placed in the General Fund, and used to directly offset the City's utility costs.


Tim Buehnlein, 1309 Washington Boulevard, a representative of the Domestic Violence Center, described the services offered by the center; a 24 hour help line (216-391-HELP) which received over 20,000 calls in 2006 from Cuyahoga County and some outlying counties; assistance in the legal processes including help at the Lyndhurst Municipal Court; availability in both Spanish and English with access to material and communication translation; supervised visitation service at the Center to work with non-custodial parents where the court has ordered supervised visitation in cases of neglect or domestic violence.  The Center's focus is working with younger children and teaching them about healthy relationships, date violence, etc.  The goal is to spread the message in the month of October.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RESOLUTION NO. 2007-49:    2007-49: "A Resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the County Auditor."  Mr. Carr read the resolution by title only.  Mr. Sasak moved for suspension of the rules, seconded by Mr. Kobunski.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Sonenstein, Mercurio, Snider, Kobunski, Sasak, Finney, Ballistrea.   NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  Mrs. Finney moved for adoption, seconded by Mrs. Snider.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Snider, Finney, Sasak, Mercurio, Sonenstein, Kobunski, Ballistrea. NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  The resolution is adopted.


RESOLUTION NO. 2007-50: "A Resolution proclaiming October 2007 to be National Mayfield Heights Domestic Violence Awareness Month. "  Mr. Carr read the resolution by title only.  Mr. Mercurio moved for suspension of the rules, seconded by Mr. Sasak.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Sasak, Kobunski, Finney, Sonenstein, Mercurio, Snider, Ballistrea.  NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  Mrs. Snider moved for adoption, seconded by Mrs. Finney.  Roll Call on motion as stated:  AYES:  Mercurio, Sasak, Kobunski, Snider, Finney, Sonenstein, Ballistrea.  NAYS:  None.  Motion carried.  The resolution is adopted.






Mr. Mercurio, seconded by Mrs. Finney, moved to confirm the decision of the Planning Commission approving the final site plan for a drive-thru canopy addition on the rear of the building and on-site pavement improvements for Key Bank, 1400 SOM Center Road.  Mr. Sasak stated that the addition of the signage, "do not enter", on the front of the canopy would prevent the cars from entering in the wrong direction.  Other banks do have such signage.  All in favor, motion carried.


Mr. Mercurio, seconded by Mr. Sonenstein, moved to accept the bid from Grace Quality Used Cars for a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria (VIN#106762) for $6,148.00.  All in favor, motion carried.


Mr. Sasak, seconded by Mr. Kobunski, moved to accept the bid from Miller's USA Taxi for the following vehicles:

a) 1996 Ford Crown Victoria (VIN#140895) - $805.00

b) 1999 Ford Crown Victoria (VIN#180881) - $1,800.00

c) 2000 Ford Crown Victoria (VIN#152640) - $2,200.00

d) 2000 Ford Crown Victoria (VIN#152641) - $2,000.00

e) 2000 Ford Crown Victoria (VIN#152639) - $2,150.00


All in favor, motion carried.


Mr. Sonenstein mentioned that flu shots are being offered and the sign up forms are in the back of the City Focus.  He also asked if the presentation on the gas well proposals given at the Committee of the Whole Meeting would be shown on the cable channel.  Mr. Ballistrea said the meeting was recorded.


There being no further business to come before Council, Mr. Ballistrea adjourned the meeting at 8:35 P.M.


Approved:                                                                  Respectfully submitted,




Michael Ballistrea                                                    Angela Ianiro

Council President                                                    Secretary