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Leaf Pick Up

Fall leaf collection will begin in October, weather permitting. Because there are over 100 streets in our City, the Service Department will not make return trips until they complete the entire cycle of streets. Here are some helpful hints:

Rake your leaves onto your treelawn in a timely manner.
This will help to ensure that you do not miss the crew when they are on your street.

Take branches, twigs, rocks and other debris out of your leaf pile.
Items other than leaves will damage the truck and cause delays. Please do not place grass clippings or tall grass in with the leaves, as it will clog the machine and cause a delay in pickup. Please place your branches and sticks in a seperate pile where our chipper crew will gladly take them.

Do not place the leaves in the roadway.
Slick leaves pose a hazard to motorists when piled in the street and also makes it more difficult for the crew.

The Vac-All truck cannot pick up very damp or snow covered leaves.
This service is very dependent upon the weather.

Remember, there is no leaf collection program in the Spring. Our refuse collection contractor gladly accepts leaves that are bagged and left out on your regular trash collection day. Also, remember, twigs, branches and tree limbs can be placed at the curb on your regular rubbish collection day. The Service Department will chip those items on that day only. Do not place these items on your treelawn prior to your regular rubbish collection day.