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Commission on Aging

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The Mayfield Heights Commission on Aging (Ordinance 170.01 and 170.02) was established to serve in an advisory capacity to Mayfield Heights City Council on concerns of the aging and to recommend programs for the aging and means of implementing such programs. In addition, three representatives and two alternates are appointed by the Mayor to serve on the Community Partnership on Aging Commission to guide and support the Community Partnership on Aging.

There are nine members of the Mayfield Heights Commission on Aging, appointed by the Mayor to serve two year terms. Two members must have an expertise in some aspect of gerontology. The remaining five members of the Commission must be residents of the city. The Mayor and the President of Council are permanent, non-voting members. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm at City Hall. In other words, the Commission on Aging members serve as the voice of the older resident of Mayfield Heights.

The Commission is involved in supporting the following programs and activities:

  • Out to Lunch Bunch
  • Spring into Wellness
  • Community Unity Days
  • Donation of knitting
  • 50+ Dances
  • Recycling Day
  • Gold Residents Event
  • Monthly Blood Pressure and Glucose Screenings
  • Monthly Health Series