Which items can and canNOT be recycled?
You can view our recycling guidelines which will display all the information about our recycling program and where you can drop the materials off at.
Recycling Guidelines

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1. What are the hours of the Recycling Center?
2. Which holidays will delay my garbage pickup?
3. What can I do with my branch chippings?
4. How can I get a new tree planted on my tree-lawn? Or have my current one trimmed or taken down?
5. Which items can and canNOT be recycled?
6. Can I put my old washer/dryer/refrigerator or my mattress out on the treelawn to be thrown out?
7. Why weren't my leaves picked up?
8. What should I do if the CITY truck driver knocked over my mailbox?
9. Which sidewalks get plowed in the winter?
10. Who should I notify if I see a pothole?
11. The sewer (catch basin) in front of my home/business needs to be cleaned. Who should I call?
12. I need the sanitary line to my house cleaned. Who should I call?