Mayfield Heights Trek Wars

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“Somewhere between the start of the trail and the end is the mystery of why we choose to walk.” - Anon

Intimidated by walking clubs, but like to explore?  Like the idea of walking trails but don’t know how to get started?  Are you an experienced walker and like to take creative pictures?  Want a reason to get out of the house all year long?  Research shows that walking leads to a healthier life style.  Now you can explore new trails, reconnect with old trails, and feel better about yourself while discovering the wonders of nature.

The City of Mayfield Heights Parks and Recreation Department has created a free walking program—Trek Wars—for every level of walker.  Our department has worked with the Metro Parks to bring you a list of trails and some untapped landmarks in the area that you can walk at your own leisurely pace. 

Would you like more benefits to becoming healthier and seeing some beautiful scenery?  With this year long free walking program, you can earn points based on the amount of miles you have logged; how many trails you have completed; and how many pictures you post to our Facebook page.  Take the opportunity to adventure out in the Cleveland winter, or log in miles at our indoor track or one of our treadmills at the Wildcat Sport & Fitness.  Turn those walks and hours of gazing at nature into another added benefit, incentive based prizes.  (Go to our website or stop in our office for more information on the prizes.)

Upon signing up for the free walking program, you will be given a journal to log your miles in, a checklist of trails in the Cleveland Metroparks, Lake Metroparks, & Summit Metro Parks, and mileage to certain landmarks that you can “walk” to without ever leaving the state.

To register stop into the Parks and Recreation Department in City Hall.  You may also sign up over the phone and receive your start up packet in the mail. 

Don’t let the mystery fade away.  Go out and seek a new mystery all year long, and see why the world chooses to walk. 

You can enroll into the program by registering HERE.  In the notes, if you have already printed or downloaded the pages below, make sure to note that so that we don't mail you double the information.  If you choose to register online and do not print or download the info, we will mail the entire packet out - which is separated below.